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Limited Edition: The CHELONIAN is a limited edition one of a kind premium leather golf bag. The first of it's kind. 
Bag Dimensions: 34 H x 11 W x 12 L
Dividers: 5-WAY Divider


  • Lightweight: Easy to carry, the best looking out there. This bag weighs just around 5 lbs.
  • Wrapped Dividers: Protect your clubs with our wrapped premium garment dividers
  • Large Putter Well: So your OTG putters feels right at home. 
  • Dual Straps: Enjoy ultimate comfort with our two convenient strap systems - single and double, with easy-release clips for quick strap adjustments or removal. It's a true ambidextrous strap system that adapts to your needs.
  • Stable Stand Base: Provides maximum stability to the bag, ensuring that it's stable no matter where you place it. On the hill, in the sand, maybe even water. 
  • Personal Pockets: Keep your valuables safe and secure with our waterproof and velvet-lined personal pockets on both sides.
  • Ball Pocket: All the balls can fit snug in the ball pocket zip area. 
  • Pen Holder: A pocket just for your pen or pencil. Nifty. 
  • Glove Keeper: Keep your gloves clean, dry and accessible with our towel carabiner ring with Velcro.
  • Carbon Fiber Legs: Our carbon fiber legs provide ultimate durability and strength, ensuring that your bag will last you a lifetime.
  • Rain Hood: Rain or shine, we got the all-weather rain cover that keeps your gear dry no matter when, where, and what. 
Every purchase of The "CHELONIAN", we'll donate 10% of each sale to the Sea Turtle Conservancy (
About the Sea Turtle Conservancy ( 


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